SAWBBL - Swindon and Wiltshire Blood Bowl League feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Sat, 11 Jul 2020 20:54:27 -0700 OBBLM 0.97 SVN Match: Thornpear Valleyshockers (3) vs. Ulthwe United (1) A valleyshocker of a game! :-) The underworld kicked and Nobbla 'sawed as the elves struggled to make headway, losing the ball on a both down to an uphill goblin blitz in turn 4, but reclaim it and score in turn 6. The underworld are able score an equaliser before the half ends, and crucially whittle down the elves so they're kicking with 10 men. Alphonso the troll KOs another at the start of the 2nd half and a foul sees the Elf thrower out for the game. The Valleyshockers grind and get some further KOs, scoring in turn 5. The Elves collect a deep kick with a long pass despite the blinding sunshine, but find the weight of numbers too great, and they're sandwiched on a sideline. To make matters worse, the +St linelf is seriously injured but there's a glimmer of hope as another pass is attempted, but fails to be caught in the end zone by a waiting elf blitzed. He's pushed into the crowd along with another colleague and egged on by the Ulthwe United coach, the underworld pull off a perfect long bomb and hand-off play to take the ball end to end for a very undeserved 3rd touchdown. The Elf team are left with 6 players in the field in the final turn, but still manage to engineer a one turn score yet predictably the catcher fails the GFI to score a consolation TD. A game of lots of ones and sixes in unfortunate places. Mon, 16 Mar 2020 13:22:11 -0700 Match: Doom Eagles (2) vs. Midnight Cowboys (2) The Doom Eagles hosted the Midnight Cowboys in round two, a bottom of the table clash and both coaches looking to get their season started. The 'Doom' Eagles proved they were well named and Adams,the Cowboys bear, was sent to the KO box in turn one where he stayed for the next 15 turns. Two quick KO's were added and it certainly looked like the Cowboys were going to meet their doom, especially as they had continued their bad habits from game one. However, Nuffle was as capricious as ever and what looked like a certain Eagle TD turned into a white line GFI fail. Shaking the strong sense of deja vu from their heads, the Cowboys actually started to play, managed to pick up, throw, catch and then run the ball downfield for a TD very much against the run of play. Receiving in the second half, the Cowboys scored a quick turn 2 TD while they were still down on numbers, pleased to go ahead by 2 and field 11 for the final third of the game. The Eagles replied with their own 2 turn TD. With 3 turns to go the cowboys received the ball right on their goal line and it was at this point that all the chickens, roosters, hens, chicks and every other flapping feathery thing came home to roost. Inexplicably, the Cowboys coach thought that getting a quick throw from a blitzer was a better idea than securing the ball properly and winning the game. Nuffle didn't like that one little bit and decided to punish accordingly. The ball scattered loose two turns in row and a bewildered, but very happy Eagles lineman tiptoed over, picked it up and scored. There were some half-hearted blocks in turn 8 and yet another failed pick up from the Cowboys to end the game. The Cowboys coach got what he thoroughly deserved for being so cocky, and looks set for a long slow season. The Eagles coach got what he deserved too, a well earned draw from a very close and positional game that could have gone to either side. Fri, 13 Mar 2020 10:33:02 -0700 Match: Midnight Cowboys (1) vs. Thornpear Valleyshockers (3) A re-run of their pre-season friendly saw the Pears visit the 4 zeroes stadium to take on the Cowboys in round 1. A re-run of the convivial 2-2 draw it was not. The Pears had been practicing hitting on the training ground and it showed. 2 Linemen deaths and a MNG blitzer saw them grab early initiative in the first drive and despite the Cowboys knocking the ball loose on the TD line it bobbled into the end zone and an easy pick up gave the Underworld the lead. A two turn reply was on the cards and with the ball arcing towards the blitzer in the end zone in turn 8 the crowd were about to celebrate levelling the score when the Skaven plucked the ball out of the air denying the Humans their reply TD. The second half saw the humans line up to score quickly and see if they could turnover again as they had in the first half. Sadly Adams, the humans uncontrollable Bear (ogre) decided a 3 dice blitz on a lone goblin was a good idea before securing the ball. It wasn't. 3 both down dice and a failed loner roll later and the Skaven picked up for an easy run down the sideline for 2-0. The Cowboys had it all to do, and it looked like a TD to restore pride was all they were going to get. The TD was duly scored and the ensuing kick to the Pears led to a loose cage of Skaven and goblins, a break for it by a lone gobbo and the race was on. One blitzer alone could reach him after dodging through and past tackle zones. The ball was knocked loose, recaptured by the thrower and the most unlikely equaliser was on. The ball was thrown, caught, run and blodged. Turn 8 was a simple dodge, fail, DS reroll, one dice push then GFI GFI for the second TD. The crowd knew what was coming anything but a..... oh dear. A white line fail and the ball trickled into the crowd, thrown back into the Skaven midfield where a pick up, throw, handoff saw the goblins show the humans how easy it is to score across the length of the pitch and seal the win. The Cowboys face an uphill struggle in round 2 and are eagerly rounding up dice that don't have any ones on them. Wed, 11 Mar 2020 18:22:19 -0700 Match: Buboes Blue Boys (1) vs. SAW all over (1) What a game! Coach Fish returns to the BB pitch, facing the mighty halflings fresh from their first win of the season. An early failed pickup led to some pressure on the ball, but the flings burned through their rerolls and the ones were plentiful. A one-die both down popped the ball loosed, and a dead-eye halfling missile managed to to do it again, but the ball kept returning to pestigor hands in time for the turn 8 score. Disturbing presence forced the trees out on the wings for the TTM attempt, but the bounce was kind and despite squandering the reroll on the blitz Zenyatta was able to run the ball in to equalise at the half. In the second half Moira was on the ball after for some reason the touchback wasn't given to the tree - SAW all over too keen on the win for shenanigans! She was feeling confident, but this was her undoing as a both down blitz saw the ball loose and her in the KO box. The flings recovered the ball, and trundled down the pitch, but were only able to get within seven squares of the end zone before being sacked and finishing the game with a draw. One of the game's highlights was a 3:0 tentacles escape ratio, and another was no lasting halfling injuries, as well as that most beautiful of things, an ELEVEN on the skill roll. Shazam! Wed, 11 Mar 2020 16:22:32 -0700 Match: Silvan Sunsets (2) vs. Brutal Deluxe (2) The 2nd match of the season was going to be an interesting one for the 2 teams currently occupying the top spots. The Sunsets were missing their Treeman, and had to pull in a walk-on to start the match, while Brutal Deluxe had been engaging in some illegal shenanigans, which saw Josef Bugman sitting in their dugout. The Humans elected to kick off the match, and were very wary of the Elves potential to run past them. This was realised as a turn 1 blitz saw a Wardancer leaping over their front line and knocking out a lineman. This cause Bugman to take the field, however he was soon noticed by the officials, as he was sent to the dungeons in the very next play, as the Sunsets ran in for the early touchdown. Paperwork has been properly processed, and Bugman has been banned from any future involvement in the league by any team! The Humans then received the ball, and didn't quite understand how to form a cage, as they seemed determined to do it with Elf players INSIDE the cage. It didn't prove to be too disastrous for them as the leaping Wardancer attempting a blitz landing on his head, and had to be treated by the apothecary, who didn't do a great job, but kept him alive. The player will be watching his back in future matches, as he was unable to shift the injury. The match then turned into a punching match as player after player was knocked to the floor, resulting in stuns, knock outs, and the occasional injury, but the Elves came off worse. They allowed a turn 6 touchdown, to grant themselves more opportunities to revive their players, then demonstrated again how easily they can score, going in to the dugout 2-1 up at half time, with a depleted team. The second half saw Elf players getting pushed off the pitch from both the side and the back, though the crowd was not proving to be very hostile to them, however the Humans took the opportunity to think out the numbers as much as possible, as they started hitting with a surge of strength, and even took the opportunity to foul as they were getting desperate at having to choose between scoring, or trying to increase their numbers advantage. This led to the Elves having 5 players on the pitch in the dying moments of the game, attempting to push themselves to their limits to secure the ball and attempt a long throw to a waiting catcher with a last-ditch opportunity to lock up the game, but it wasn't to be as the remaining Wardancer pushed himself beyond his limits attempting to get to a free space to make the throw, knocking himself out, and allowing the Humans the chance to scoop the ball across the line for a touchdown to tie the game. Both teams left the stadium having gained more fans, and with a large stack of gold in their coffers, it looks likely that they will both be signing some new players to their squads. Sun, 08 Mar 2020 10:16:50 -0700 Match: Silvan Sunsets (3) vs. Firestorm Fairies (0) With the Sunsets fans having so much fun rioting and knocking down 6 of the Fairies, coach Badgutz took the opportunity to slip a few extra gnoblars onto the bench, an extra 7 hooligans taking the Pirates to an impressive 20 for the match. The ogres having been greatly annoyed by the riot the elves took the brunt of the ogres aggression and 1 was sent to elvish heaven in response. The ogres were having so much fun however they forgot the ball allowing the elves to sneak in for a td with the last action of the half. Badly out numbered in the second half and with a big lumbering ogre in the back field the sunset fans again got involved braining the poor ogre with a rock. A couple of dodges and with no cover the elves were in again. A nasty case of boneheadedness hit the Fairies and a quick third sealed the result for the home team. In a last act of spite and by far the highlight of the game was one of the hooligans kicking a down treeman in the head so hard in the head he wont be playing next week.Trust me folks you want to see the plucky little guy on your crystal balls. Thu, 05 Mar 2020 13:55:06 -0800 Match: UnElfy Thoughts (2) vs. Doom Eagles (1) Despite the low turnout it was a good match, christening the brand new stadium ‘The Field of Screams’. The humans received and Helmut was taken down by a 1 dice blitz. The humans scored too early and the elves received. The runner went for the ball failing a gfi to get into passing range and was presumed dead until the appo revived him. The elves equalised just before half time. 2nd half the elves received a blitzer died on a gfi leaving the ball exposed an ogre blitz was a push. The elves broke through caged and scored and the humans failed to manage to equalise. Even though losing, the Doom Eagles sold a lot of merch’ and took home 70k whilst the winners made just 30k & not enuf for a replacement Blitzer. Wed, 04 Mar 2020 17:33:34 -0800 Match: Firestorm Bluebottles (1) vs. SAW all over (2) Ridiculous game, as I suspect most of them will be. Started with a tree triple skull, and turned over every single turn of his first drive, though did manage to make him score in turn 5, and then he returned the favour with an unhelpful double skull so that I could go in at 1-1. I then made hard work of my drive, using up 5 rerolls within 5 turns, and leaving a unnecessary easy blitz on the ball carrier, but got away with it and squeaked a 2-1 win. The halflings were useless 95% of the time, but the 5% was just enough! Good fun, and a host of SPPs for the Nurgs, so everyone's a winner (babe). Wed, 04 Mar 2020 14:47:09 -0800 Match: Brutal Deluxe (1) vs. Port Reaver Pelicans (0) Not a lot of fans turned up to support the Brutal Deluxe team as they took on the Port Reaver Pelicans, whose travelling fans outnumbered the human contingent 3-1. The Ogres started strong, taking out the BD Ogre by surrounding him and knocking him prone, before allowing a Gnoblar to jump on him, knocking him out. It proved to be a tactic that would see repeated use, as the ref turned a blind eye to every foul from the titchy guys, and more and more humans went to sleep in the dugout. Not content with a simple touchdown, the Pelicans attempted to delay crossing the goal line in order to put even more humans on the bench, but their ambitions proved to get the better of them, as running out of re-rolls meant that turns were ended swiftly, and the lone tackling blitzer, having made it to the back line to become the last line of defense, attempted a last-ditch block on the ball carrier to halt the score. After a series of failed dodges throughout the first half, the Humans were relieved to see him escape the clutches of 2 Ogres to size up the Gnoblar and send him off the pitch. Recovering the ball, he used his remaining movement to reach the safety of 1 supporting friend, rather than risk a turn 8 pass for a potential score. The second half saw the fans clearly upset at the lack of a first half score, and rioted. After the dust settled, a very depleted lineup of humans take to the pitch to face a full lineup of Ogres and Gnoblars. The humans recovered the ball and held it deep in their own half, forcing the Ogres to move up in an attempt to put pressure on the ball, whilst leaving the Gnoblars largely unprotected. The Humans began their efforts to knock out the little guys, whilst the remaining meat shield of Ogres formed a secondary wall to hold up the ball carrier. The ball was knocked free, leading to several turns of chain pushes and failed catches from scattered balls, before the last Gnoblar was removed from the field, as the humans surrounded him on the side of the field, and fed him to the crowd to prevent his side-stepping shenanigans. This left a precarious risky run down the sideline for the ball carrier, which is when the Ogres began to forget what game they were playing, and decided to lie on the ground, refusing to get up, or completely ignore the players next to them, presumably wondering what the post-match dinner was going to be. A lone Ogre realised that there was a chance to save his team's fate, and chased down the ball carrier, but with the humans sending their support to the ball carrier, he was calmly shoved away leaving the ball carrier free to score the thrower to score his first career touchdown. The Brutal Deluxe Ogre finally work up to take to the pitch for the last turn, which was over as soon as it started, leaving the scoreline 1-0 to the home team, and both teams with a full compliment of players ready for the next match. Wed, 04 Mar 2020 03:02:03 -0800 Match: Aqshy Titans (2) vs. Taur Hill Renderers (3) The first game of the season for the Titans proved to be a tense, close and brutal affair. Fardi Nund and Kekkl Whipsmack scored for the Chaos Dwarves, one of Fardis' coming from a blitz in his own half, the ball landing in his hands and them him sprinting off at full gallop! For their part, the Titans did their best to come back, although losing 3 players from the next game (1 of which they have lost for all of their games due to death!) meant that it would be an uphill struggle. Nonetheless, the combination of Droxurok and Draal combined on not 1 but 2 occasions to score straight from receiving a kick, the Ogre effortlessly sending the hapless Goblin sailing through the air. With skills an Elf would be proud of, Draal landed and then scampered into the end zone for both of the Titans' touchdowns. Draal himself has improved his natural speed, which will be invaluable against the next opponents - UnElfy thoughts! Fri, 28 Feb 2020 17:05:43 -0800 Team news by Aqshy Titans The pre season is done and the Titans are now fully focussed on their first league game. First up, a tough tie against an up and coming Chaos Dwarf team. Chaos Dwarves have a reputation for being brutal on and off the pitch, and only time will tell if the Titans can cope with it and then pull a victory out if the bag. The crowd is starting to fill in to the stadium already, and the pitch is ready. It's almost time for BLOOD BOWL! Fri, 28 Feb 2020 06:49:27 -0800 Match: Midnight Cowboys (2) vs. SAW all over (1) All the fans were with the humans, and there were so many of them they couldn't be kept off the pitch at the first kick off! The halflings got the ball safe, but when Speakno fell over his own feet in a GFI the ball was wide open and the Cowboys went in 1-0 up. They then scored quickly in the second half, hoping for a big score, and the first TTM of the season failed and they got the ball back again. Shenanigans from Karla popped the ball loose and then a Catcher sprinted to the endzone - HALFLING TOUCHDOWN! Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:11:18 -0800 Match: Brutal Deluxe (1) vs. Thornpear Valleyshockers (0) A mere 8k fans were interested in turning up to watch these rookie teams play in the pouring rain, which meant multiple failed attempts to collect the ball, and not a single pass was completed from the several thrown, which often resulted in the ball going into the crowd and thrown back into a melee of players. Both teams had a chance to score in their turn 8, but couldn't pull it off. The Humans somehow managed a risky drive down the line with a single blitzer, hoping the weaker Goblins wouldn't take him down, but forgot that the Skaven could also get to him. Throwing caution to the wind, he got back on his feet and ran in for the only score of the game. This match was really a poor example of when rain really should have stopped play, as very little was gained for the Valleyshockers. Mon, 17 Feb 2020 17:44:09 -0800 Match: Brutal Deluxe (0) vs. The Thorns (3) The thorns were cretainly glad it was a friendly. Sun, 16 Feb 2020 13:15:00 -0800 Team news by Hel’s Belles With the semi final now done and a hard fought victory in the record books, the Belles are now preparing in earnest for the biggest game in the teams' short history. The players are healthy and are raring to go. Sokkeph has been seen sharpening her already deadly claws, and Beryn has seemed to take a liking to chasing the ball and is getting better at catching it and dodging out of the way of people - strange seeing as a Werewolf normally runs towards people and smashes them in the face. Will the final see a first touchdown for a Werewolf this season?! This question, along with a few others, will be answered soon. The Belles are once again raising their tankards in honour of and tribute to Nuffle. PRAISE BE TO NUFFLE! NUFFLE BE PRAISED! Wed, 12 Feb 2020 06:21:18 -0800 Match: Doom Eagles (0) vs. Da Goresta Gougaz (1) 18,000 fans turned out for to see this rookie league friendly. What started as a beautiful drive, smashing thru the centre of the Gougaz turned into a quagmire with Humans being dropped like flies and Keith the Ogre putting on a pantomime display of Attacker Downs and failed GFI's. The ball was recovered by 'Da Untouchable' Drakz who stormed it home out of a solid cage for a T8 touchdown. The second half opened with a fine display of a caught kick off and the Gougaz forming slowly but surely a solid cage and edging forward. 'Da Runt' had his first pitch time of the match and was promptly booted into the crowd whom severely beat him up. 'Da Krumpa' spent alot of time picking his nose whilst fists were flying all around him, several of each team were sent to the KO box. The Doom Eagles turned nasty and piled in to gang foul some downed Orc Blitzers, but the ref had had his Weetabix and sent off a blitzer and a catcher for no damage in return. A plucky blitz popped the ball free but the Orc thrower picked up and reformed the cage in his own half. Seeing the state of things the Orc cage marched toward there own touchline in a victory parade, whilst the frustrated Humans spent a final turn doing no damage. Wed, 12 Feb 2020 01:29:13 -0800 Team news by Doom Eagles The Doom Eagles spent a lot of time in the lower divisions before promotion from The War Wagon conference, and gaining fame in the KneeCap Cup. New to the big leagues, they intend to Scrap, Grapple n dodge their way to SAWBBL glory Sun, 09 Feb 2020 08:45:33 -0800 Team news by Jed Eye Season 2 is over for the Jed Eye fans. Sadly for them a riot and thrown rock wasn't enough to force overtime, as Hel's Belles used a massive ruck to jostle the ball carrier nearer to the touchdown to score the winning TD in turn 7 of the second round. Down on numbers by this point, the Eyes sadly resigned themselves to the loss, and used the last turn to allow a vanity pass from their Blitzer, allowing him the off-season to learn a new skill, or possibly mutate, before a final season campaign opens. Fri, 07 Feb 2020 03:33:28 -0800 Match: Hel’s Belles (2) vs. Jed Eye (1) The day of the semi final arrived and so did the teams' fans...26,000 in total! The weather had settled down and was to prove to be nice for the whole of the match. The Jed Eye had managed to attract not one but two Star Players to their cause... Skitter Stab-Stab and Fezglitch! These two players attracted wary (and hungry in the case of Sokkeph the Yhetee!) looks from the Belles, who braced themselves to receive the kick. In a drawn out first half, the ball ended up bouncing around a lot. Skitter managed to stab Friahylde, but luckily the team apothecary managed to stem the flow of blood and get the Thrower back on her feet for the next drive. In response, Skitter was them subsequently stunned twice and knocked out completely in the first half, along with Fezglitch who was sent off whilst out cold. The Belles went in 1 - 0 up, despite a plucky turn 8 'Elfy' play by the Jed Eye. All was going well until the attempt to catch the ball in the end zone. The gutter runner just couldn't keep hold of the ball as the half drew to a close. Sokkeph had obviously taken offence to something that Skitter had done, as she launched a vicious uppercut into the Star players' ribs. Her fist didn't stop and left the star badly doubt his apothecaries will patch him up but he had stabbed his last stab in this match. Jo Caster New then decided to take his anger out on Friga, who ended up back in the dugout with the nurse. She would no longer take part in the game either. Yad Doll then ran the ball in to score and tie the game. As the second half went on, it was getting tense and this proved too much for the fans, who started a riot which wasted valuable match time. Brunhildr then sent Cane N Jarrus to see the apothecary before Thorvif ran in for what would be the match winning score. A very close, tense game but both coaches thoroughly enjoyed it. The Belles are now looking forward to their first ever final against a tough Dark Elf opponent. Thu, 06 Feb 2020 18:22:45 -0800 Team news by Jed Eye Having missed out on the playoffs in their first season, Jed Eye have done a lot of meditation and faced the trials of their second season, coming out more confident than before. After a very brutal game against Norse during the season, and an overtime win in their quarter-final, they are without their 2 best players; their highest scoring Gutter Runner, and their casualty-inflicting Rat Ogre. Clearly at a loss for how to approach another Norse team, their coach was recently sighted having discussions with agents acting on behalf of star players. With 1 night to rest before the anticipation builds for the highest profile match in their history, scouts are eager to see which star players sign on the line to turn up for the Skaven. Wed, 05 Feb 2020 06:37:13 -0800