Season 10 Semi-Final

Hairy Petes (Apes) v Warpstone Stars (Skaven)

On a day of strange weather, switching from nice, to pouring rain, to glorious sunshine, the Apes were distracted at the beginning by fiddling with technology, so when Nuffle gifted them a Perfect Defence to deal with the Pestilence one-turn threat, they were not switched on enough to take it, and were 1-0 down straight away, despite the Rat Ogre taking a 3+ dodge for a crowd surf. A Blitz followed, along with a deep kick, and a successful half-dice block made it 2-0. The Apes scored quickly back, then the rain started, causing the second one-turn attempt to fail, though the ball did bounce back to the GR attempting the hand off.


After a little bit of messing, the rats did get the ball over the line for the 3-1, and then out came the sun (there was probably a rainbow), and the Apes had enough time to make it 3-2 after a frenzied (literally in some cases) first half.

The Apes received in the second half, both the ball, and unfortunately a hell of a beating, as they failed to break armour on 4 knocked down linerats, and then their armour collapsed. A couple of good turns followed, however, and they limped over the line in turn 15, with the rats on no rerolls. The rat dice held, and they made it 4-3 (all 4 TDs by Pestilence). All over? Possibly not. A Quick Snap and Grab made getting the pushes for the one-turner straightforward, but the throw and catch proved beyond the simian hands (and the 4+, 4+, 3+ dodge would have been challenging).

The rats make it to the final, with their insane number of SPPs. Those betting against them had better hope Pestilence develops a nasty cough!

Season 10 into Season 11

OK, time to wrap the season up! Blue has been decided, and Green has had a few problems along the way, so the playoffs will be 1st v 2nd between the two divisions.

Warpstone Stars (Shortarse) v Hairy Petes (Sann)
Crimson Arrows (Spiky) v Molten Fury (Glowworm)

And the the winners play for the Season 10 title.

Season 11 will have a tighter timescale, as being champion is not just about winning BB games, it’s also about playing BB games – so let’s play Blood Bowl!

Sann v Glow, Apes v Chorfs

With 230k in inducements, Nobbla and his pet bribe were always going to join the party, and with no tackle on the monkey side, he was always going to be a problem! Fouling with impunity (the refs must be waiting for the new rules to appear), he was quick to take Pete Doherty, fouling him to death, which the apo could only change to a -ST. A musket shot to the head later…

A riot meant that the CDs had to pull some impressive shenanigans to score in limited time after they got bogged down in monkey hair, and rerolls were in short supply! No probs though, as a chainsaw attack, two GFI, a pow on 2-dice block, and a 4+ handoff, followed by 3 GFIs with sure feet, meant the touchdown was pretty much a nailed on certainty, and so it proved.

The apes were down 2 players now, and the outnumbering showed, as they were reduced to punting the ball down the field and chasing after it. With one bull on the floor, the dorfs could not keep up the pace, and the score came, but at a price of Waterman II biting the bullet. No rerolls on offence now, but again no problems with pickups, so it came down to a gorilla dodge and pow to stop the score, and then a failed hobgob pickup in turn 15 making the score impossible.

Nail-biting stuff at the top of the league, rewarded with an extra fan factor each, but the bribes took their toll as the pickings for each coach were slim.

Match Report – Cakebowl Season 9 Final

The season 9 final took place last night and here is how it unfolded…

Bar Room Brawlers (Outcast) 2 Green, Amber, Go!! (Glowworm)

Glowworm – Great match, spoilt only by ability to roll 1 after 1 after 1…. 4dice, three 1’s at one point. however take nothing away from Outcast who played a great game doing what he does best, turned the lizards over to score early on, the lizards fought back to run in a lucky TD on turn 8 to go in 1-1 at half time, down to 10 players, however a lucky injury and a KO meant the dwarves where down to 9. the dwarves received and marched downfield sending opposing players to the injury box every turn (so if seemed) and crossed the line on turn 8 to seal the game 2-1, the lizards failed all 4 KO rolls and with 6 players BH or MNG didn’t stand much of a chance, even a riot would have been an issue as I had four Saurus on pitch, so ball handling was unlikely. No riot so just a few consolation blocks thrown and hands where shook to congratulate the new Cakebowl league champion.

Well played Damien, a well deserved win!

Outcast – The higher team strength and the calibre of the lizard’s coach meant it was always going to be a tough match but what ultimately cost Green, Amber, Go! the final was their inability to make their pace really count (rolling nothing but 1s on GFIs!!).

The lizards won the toss and elected to receive in a pretty evenly packed stadium, just favouring the Brawlers. The kick-off failed to cross the halfway line so the ball was handed to a Saurus. The dwarves responded by closing down the attackers options, using their guarders to minimise damage to themselves. The ball was effectively locked down but a hand-off to a skink afforded the lizards an attacking option down the opposite wing. With the majority of the defence tied up all that seemed necessary to secure an early score was some cover for the ball carrier. Unfortunately, it came too late – a skink dashed to help his team mate but tripped, leaving a clear blitz on Lil Tony. Carl S Berg took the opportunity to smash the skink into a crowd of Brawlers fans and the ball was hurled down the pitch, deep into the lizards half. Runner, Colt 45, was able to gather but under pressure from a Saurus had to score quickly.

The lizards responded immediately with another fantastic skink break up the wing. Again, the dwarves were able to respond by blitzing the ball carrier and gathering the ball but, with nowhere to go, Colt 45 was unable to hold onto it for long. He was soon taken down and with some impressive gathering and dodging Green, Amber, Go! were over the line to equalize at half time.

The KO and injury boxes were relatively light on players as the second half kicked off with the dwarves and lizards fielding 9 vs 10, respectively. The ball was kicked deep, and the war of attrition began – the dwarves attempting to keep as many Sauri on the deck as possible to draw the skinks into the brawl, while the lizards attempted to swarm the isolated ball carrier. Lady luck was shining on the Brawlers as another skink hit the ground in his eagerness to chase the ball, affording the dwarves the time to slow things down and cage up.

If the first half was light on injuries the second was looking to make up for it. Lizards began to leave the field as the classic dwarven grind found it’s momentum. By the time the runner, Colt 45, had to break free from his stalled cage, there were few lizards left to chase him. As he crossed the line on the brink of the final whistle only 4 Sauri were still fit to play.

The Brawlers coach, Outcast, is rumored to be in talks with a Skaven team for next season.
The Green, Amber, Go! coach, Glowworm, is rumored to be looking for a new team… and some new dice!!