Fumbbl Season 5 Review

Congratulations to RoterSternHochdahl for his victory!

It was an exciting and very long season – we had a total of 15 coaches, though one dropped out straight away, so there was a schedule of 13 games, lasting 140 days! Only a few games went unplayed, and the season went right down to the wire, with RSH, sann and ElHombre all on equal points for the last few weeks of the season. ┬áThe SAWBBL league expanded internationally for this season, with RSH from Germany and ElHombre from Belgium, as well as a few guest stars from the UK.

One of the key matches of the season was sann’s loss to eldritchfox’s Goblins, along with El_Hombre being held to a draw by Jip in the last game of his season to knock him out of the top three.

We’ll have a few weeks off, then regroup for the next season and consider what the best length of a season is!