Round 6 Roundup

Full details here, but in summary it is time for the bonus points controversy to fully emerge!  Going into round 6 Joemanji is on a 4/1/0 record and Heartsbane is on a 3/1/1 record, as the latter has maxed out a couple of times on bonus points.

Dionysian and Joe are on my stream on Table 1, and it’s Dan v Sfisher on his – here are the links.

The Best Newcomer and Most Touchdowns competitions are both hotly contested – PeteBunce and Enderman are playing each other, and if they draw then Morbo could zoom through and take the prize.  Ronaldbeanio is also in the chasing back.

Sadly for Duffins, his Goblin team has now managed to face all 3 of the Dwarf teams in the competition, but miracles might happen and he might avoid the spoon… maybe…

Most Casualties and Stunty are not close – Andswin destroyed some skinks in Game 5, and Lunchmoney is on 2/2/1.  Facing Mubo, but not in danger of being caught.

Round 5 Roundup

Full results here, now including a column showing “record”, as it’s not always clear with the bonus points.  What this shows is that with bonus points it’s definitely possible for an “inferior” record to place higher – we knew this anyway (of course, ahem…) but it’s interesting to see the effect (right) – highest is Heartsbane in 5th with two wins and a draw, ahead of a few players with three wins.  But not worth opening that debate about “WLD primacy” again, probably…

On the streams we have Table 1 Ceetee v Joemanji, and Table 5 Raging v Lunchmoney. Last round Andswin amassed another 5 casualties, pulling away on 15, so will be hunting down Lycos’s Skinks to consolidate the position.

Down the bottom, no-one is on 0 wins, so the hunt for the pretty spoon is on!  Glowworm is trailing on bonus points, so is in pole position, especially if he gets poleaxed by the Goblins – very capable of clearing Vampires off the pitch…

Meanwhile. the TD drought continues, after 4 games the TD leader is on 8, so if anyone gets a big score they could swoop in for this award.

Round 4 Roundup

All the details here, but here is your Sunday morning Cakebowl roundup!  I did the draw last night, so people have been ruminating overnight about the matchups to come.

A couple of nice local derbies, with Dionysian v Dapiranha and Jip v Enderman.  Ceetee and Raging are on stream on Table 1, and there is a Goblin v Ogre clash on stream on Table 16.

Heff is facing Dwarves, which is always a pleasure, especially when it’s the bloodthirsty Andswin, leading on 10 casualties, which doesn’t include the 15 (!) fouling casualties and 2 crowd push casualties.

The sun is shining in Costa del Swindon, so we have 3 games outside, and everyone got here nice and early so the day should go smoothly, touch wood!

Round 3 Roundup

All Round 3 info updated, so how are things looking?

DaPiranha (Roxamazons) against Ceetee (Orcs) on table 1, only dropping a few points between them.  Heff is on the stream with Raging82, having just figured out that his Slann players get +1 to leap, and still being on two wins!  Mubo against Besters was the last game to finish in Game 2, so neither got much of a break, and Mubo is straight into the brain mash that is a game with Lycos.

On my stream is Lunchmoney against Angry Hobbit, though Al will be booted off in the morning for some variety…

Touchdowns are scarce, with no more than 4 scored by any team so far, though Casualty leaders are on 7 and 8 – Dionysian’s Dwarfs have faced 2 stunty teams, and he may extend his lead against Enderman’s Norse.  Juicy Armour 7!

Two playing areas – the main room and the bar – here’s the bar…

Round 2 Roundup

Full details here, but time for some highlights!

Table 1 was clear, with Andswin’s Dwarfs on max points and Ceetee’s Orcs one behind. At the other end, Hobnail’s Dark Elves are looking to register their first point against Glow’s Vampires.  Lunchmoney’s Halflings stay on the stream, and a local derby between the excellently named Ronaldbeanio and Admiral90 has moved outside into the glorious Swindon sunshine.

In sad news, Duffins’ Goblins have their second Dwarf opponent in a row, this time facing an angry Dionysian looking for max points to regain respectability after his first round Halfling loss.

Morbo89 is top of the newcomers, though is now facing Lycos.  A Welsh carshare clash on table 2 with DaPiranha against Sfisher.

Raging82 is still streaming, this time against AngryHobbit.

And entertainingly, even though he’s not here, I’m still tempted to give Best Painted to Thor for his Khorne team that Maverick is using.  The man’s a machine!

Races and Riders

First round roundup!  Orcs, Lizards and Dark Elves have gone big, one of each Stunty going for the Stunty Cup, and 7 in for best newcomer.

In the first round we have Joemanji against Wulfyn, while Dionysian’s Dwarfs are failing to beat Lunchmoney’s Halflings on my live stream.  Raging82 is streaming his local derby against Bron.

In terms of builds, we have Horatio featuring for Undead and Orcs, a Dwarf team with a Wizard that has won the tournament before, two Dark Elf teams with leaping assassins, and Orc teams with various numbers of Goblins.

34 players in total!




Cakebowl Swag

I’m planning a few giveaways at Cakebowl, and I think painted swag is generally nicer to get than unpainted swag.

Best newcomer (U16 or 4 or fewer NAF tournaments) will win their choice of painted team, as will a random attendee.

Black Scorpion Dwarfs painted by @Raging82!

GW Dwarfs painted and supplied by @socialhobbyist!

  • BB16 Rulebook
  • Death Zone 1 book
  • Death Zone 2 book
  • BB16 templates (painted by Spiky)
  • BB16 human team including 4 blitzers (painted by Howling Griffon)
  • BB16 orc team including 4 blitzers and 4 black orcs (painted by me, probably, troll by Andswin)
  • NAF trophy obvs, though painted by Kismet

And possibly some of this stuff, if anyone would like to paint it!

Orc Thrower
Human star
Classic Wights
Cool ghoul
Metal pharoahs (khemri thro-ras)
Female player
4 gorillas, with armour
Dwarf kicker
Collection of stars
Scotlings team
Pharoahs team (counts as Undead or Khemri, I think?)
Load of buggers! (counts as Snotlings)