Sann v Glow, Apes v Chorfs

With 230k in inducements, Nobbla and his pet bribe were always going to join the party, and with no tackle on the monkey side, he was always going to be a problem! Fouling with impunity (the refs must be waiting for the new rules to appear), he was quick to take Pete Doherty, fouling him to death, which the apo could only change to a -ST. A musket shot to the head later…

A riot meant that the CDs had to pull some impressive shenanigans to score in limited time after they got bogged down in monkey hair, and rerolls were in short supply! No probs though, as a chainsaw attack, two GFI, a pow on 2-dice block, and a 4+ handoff, followed by 3 GFIs with sure feet, meant the touchdown was pretty much a nailed on certainty, and so it proved.

The apes were down 2 players now, and the outnumbering showed, as they were reduced to punting the ball down the field and chasing after it. With one bull on the floor, the dorfs could not keep up the pace, and the score came, but at a price of Waterman II biting the bullet. No rerolls on offence now, but again no problems with pickups, so it came down to a gorilla dodge and pow to stop the score, and then a failed hobgob pickup in turn 15 making the score impossible.

Nail-biting stuff at the top of the league, rewarded with an extra fan factor each, but the bribes took their toll as the pickings for each coach were slim.