Kings of Curry Post Match Interview

Following their first-round defeat to the Royals, we managed to catch up with Kings’ head coach, Outcast, to find out what went wrong…

A tough night for you and the team, Outcast?

Outcast: “Look,” – (in the style of Eddie Jones) – “we knew it was going to be tough out there. It’s never an easy game against Dwarves.”

It was a high profile game, streamed live to millions of viewers all around the world. Do you think the size of the occasion rattled your nerves a little?

Outcast: “Look, these guys are professionals, they love big games. Look, we made some mistakes, and the Royals made us pay for those mistakes. We’ve got some lessons to learn and stuff to work on before the next game. It’s a long season.”

Do you think your two seasons coaching the infamous Bar Room Brawlers should have better prepared you for a game against Dwarves? In fact, you won the league in your second season with the Brawlers, didn’t you?

Outcast: “Yes, we did.”

That’s strange because I’m looking at your trophy cabinet now and it’s empty?

Outcast: “I know, we didn’t get a cup or trophy for winning the league.”

Oh I see, so trophies aren’t awarded for winning the SaW league?

Outcast: “Yes, they have been every other season… just not when we won it…”

That’s a real shame, you would think the current commissioning body would try to rectify that immediately, wouldn’t you?

Outcast: “Yes, you would.”

Thanks for your time, Outcast.

Fumbbl Season 5 Review

Congratulations to RoterSternHochdahl for his victory!

It was an exciting and very long season – we had a total of 15 coaches, though one dropped out straight away, so there was a schedule of 13 games, lasting 140 days! Only a few games went unplayed, and the season went right down to the wire, with RSH, sann and ElHombre all on equal points for the last few weeks of the season.  The SAWBBL league expanded internationally for this season, with RSH from Germany and ElHombre from Belgium, as well as a few guest stars from the UK.

One of the key matches of the season was sann’s loss to eldritchfox’s Goblins, along with El_Hombre being held to a draw by Jip in the last game of his season to knock him out of the top three.

We’ll have a few weeks off, then regroup for the next season and consider what the best length of a season is!

Season 10 Review

It was a long season, with a few coaches falling by the wayside, and one falling into a coma (though he’s OK now, phew!).   Divided into Blue and Green divisions, the top 2 from each headed into the playoffs.

Blue was won by Spiky’s Crimson Arrows (Dark Elf), who are returning for Season 11, closely followed by Shortarse’s Warpstone Stars (Skaven), with their one-turn scoring machine.  Across the league, in Green, sann0638’s Hairy Petes (Apes) managed to survive the batterings they received to head up the division, ahead of Glowworm’s Molten Fury (Chaos Dwarf), as Hawk’s mighty Undead were not able to get their games played in time.

In the semi-finals, the Stars beat the Petes, and the Dwarfs were triumphant over the Arrows. In secret, the Final took place, and this year’s champion was Glowworm, who managed to stop Pestilence the scoring machine by forcing him to roll a whole series of 1s.

So we have:

Champion Glowworm Molten Fury Chaos Dwarf
Runner-Up Shortarse Warpstone Stars Skaven
Most Touchdowns ” (29!)
Most Casualties Hudson Chicago Beer Bellies Ogre (39!)

This year we bid a sad farewell to Hudson, who has moved to the home of Blood Bowl, and next season we will be missing veterans Buggrit and Hawk, who are taking a sabbatical. We are joined for Season 11 however by a good amount of new blood, and a new setup with fixed timescales for each match.  Onwards!

Season 11 Opening Thoughts

As of this point, this is that we have:

Coach Race Team TV
Bron Vamps  Altdorf BlueBloods 1100
Canteloup Skaven Ratty Scumbags 1720
Cpsyke Khemri Ra’s Raiders 1510
CrazyGinge Brets Brionne Broncos 1330
Glowworm Chaos Dwarf Molten Fury 1570
Jip Dwarf Karak Cegharuhm Royals 1200
Kismet Orc Bash Me Up Buttercups 1100
Outcast Khemri Kings of Curry 1100
Raging82 Orc Da ironhide cowboyz 1470
Sann Elf Flaming Galahs 1200
Shortarse Vampire Nightsisters 1130
Spiky Dark Elf  Crimson Arrows 1770
WiltsMatt Dwarf Azul Avengers 1100
AndySwin Halflings Mootly Munchers 1100

We are going to have a two-week fixed round robin schedule, with games forfeited at specific times, or finalised as draws.  This is to keep the schedule going, as we all just want to play BB, and the way to win the season is to make yourself available to play as well as to win!

So there are a few options:

  1. All in one league – this would take 22 weeks, which would be quite huge, but that’s not necessarily a problem if we keep ticking over.
  2. Two leagues (10-12 weeks each), but meaning not everyone plays everyone, and we are a friendly bunch!

Within option 2, we could do it by TV, but I think that would put all the experienced coaches together, which isn’t great for the future of the league I don’t think!

So, unless anyone massively objects, I think we’ll go for the big league!