Elf Off!

Sann, Hudson, Spiky

In the red corner, we have the heavyweight division leaders, Spiky’s Crimson Arrows, a behemoth of a Dark Elf team who have been destroying all in their path this season. In the other red corner, Sann’s Flaming Galahs, a new Pro Elf team who are slowly recovering from a defeat to some Halflings (mostly Puggy) earlier in the season.  It’s a long season, but no one is going to bet against the Arrows taking the first play off place, but the Galahs are playing for pride and to get into the top 4.

And here are the teams!  The Arrows have a TV of 1850, and the Galahs 1460, giving 390k in inducements, which basic maths insists means Eldril and the Wizard.  We also allow purchase of Coaches and Cheerleaders for 20k a pop, so one of each of those will boost the Pro cause.

These are two of the founding members and previous winners of the SAWBBL (nee Cakebowl) league, so there will be no quarter given on the field!  You can watch the action on Twitch, from 1930 British time.