Draft Season 12 Rules

As we near the end of the season, it’s time to start thinking about the next one.

We will start in the new year, and here are some draft rules.  Up for discussion, but it’s not a democracy, so I’ll listen to what people have to say and then decide.

CURRENT SCHEDULE PLAN – random allocation of teams to 2/3 divisions, round robin.  Then the top half/third play each other to find a winner!  This avoids the season being too long, while finding a genuine winner.

  1. New teams, starting at 1100k, max 4 games (ideally against different opponents) in the off season as “pre-season training”.  My impression is that most people wanted this, so I was going for a level playing field, but if you feel strongly otherwise we can discuss!
  2. Goblins and Pact get the new positionals – if we can’t get OBBLM to do this, we’ll figure out a workaround.
  3. We will not use the Death Zone 2 Stadiums.
  4. We will use Death Zone 2 sideline staff in addition to CRP ones.  If you are planning to use one, let your opponent know in advance so they can read up!
  5. Brets and Khorne will be allowed, as standard.
  6. CRP inducements will be used, along with CRP spiralling expenses and inter-season stuff.

I will keep a list below of who is in, and if you want to declare a team then please do so!  I’ve made a guess, let me know if I’m wrong!  Smilies have confirmed team names too.

  1. Sann – Bretonnians 🙂
  2. Jip – Norse 🙂
  3. Spiky
  4. CPsyke – Goblins
  5. Kismet – Underworld 🙂
  6. Andswin – Wood Elf 🙂
  7. Mattwilts – Pro Elf Union 🙂
  8. Hawk
  9. Canteloup – Underworld
  10. Ragin – Undead 🙂
  11. Shortarse – Chaos Dwarf 🙂
  12. Outcast – 🙂
  13. Bron – Orcs
  14. PeteBunce – Chaos 🙂
  15. Wishazu – Norse
  16. Reedar – Orcs 🙂
  17. Nagrom – Norse 🙂

Roll up, roll up!

End of Season HYPE!

Only a few games left in the regular season, so let’s get some end of season hype going for the playoffs!  Here’s the position at the moment (13 game season).

3 points for a win, so the final playoff spot is up for whether the Scumbags or Molten Fury (or both!) can overtake Ra’s Raiders.  I think (I should probably know) that net TD is the tiebreaker, so if Canteloup’s Scumbags can win their last (against a battered vamp team) they will overtake.  Meanwhile Molten Fury (Glowworm’s CDs) have the vampires, followed by a misnamed Orc team (the Bash Me Up Buttercups), so the last game could be a crunch one!

So, it will then be Spiky’s undefeated Dark Elves against whoever ends in 4th, and I think my Pro Elf Galahs against the 3rd place, with the winner of each game competing for the title.  Hoping to stream as many of the playoffs as possible!

See the teams here: http://sawbbl.uk/obblm/index.php?section=main