Cakebowl Swag

I’m planning a few giveaways at Cakebowl, and I think painted swag is generally nicer to get than unpainted swag.

Best newcomer (U16 or 4 or fewer NAF tournaments) will win their choice of painted team, as will a random attendee.

Black Scorpion Dwarfs painted by @Raging82!

GW Dwarfs painted and supplied by @socialhobbyist!

  • BB16 Rulebook
  • Death Zone 1 book
  • Death Zone 2 book
  • BB16 templates (painted by Spiky)
  • BB16 human team including 4 blitzers (painted by Howling Griffon)
  • BB16 orc team including 4 blitzers and 4 black orcs (painted by me, probably, troll by Andswin)
  • NAF trophy obvs, though painted by Kismet

And possibly some of this stuff, if anyone would like to paint it!

Orc Thrower
Human star
Classic Wights
Cool ghoul
Metal pharoahs (khemri thro-ras)
Female player
4 gorillas, with armour
Dwarf kicker
Collection of stars
Scotlings team
Pharoahs team (counts as Undead or Khemri, I think?)
Load of buggers! (counts as Snotlings)

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