Round 3 Roundup

All Round 3 info updated, so how are things looking?

DaPiranha (Roxamazons) against Ceetee (Orcs) on table 1, only dropping a few points between them.  Heff is on the stream with Raging82, having just figured out that his Slann players get +1 to leap, and still being on two wins!  Mubo against Besters was the last game to finish in Game 2, so neither got much of a break, and Mubo is straight into the brain mash that is a game with Lycos.

On my stream is Lunchmoney against Angry Hobbit, though Al will be booted off in the morning for some variety…

Touchdowns are scarce, with no more than 4 scored by any team so far, though Casualty leaders are on 7 and 8 – Dionysian’s Dwarfs have faced 2 stunty teams, and he may extend his lead against Enderman’s Norse.  Juicy Armour 7!

Two playing areas – the main room and the bar – here’s the bar…

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