Round 4 Roundup

All the details here, but here is your Sunday morning Cakebowl roundup!  I did the draw last night, so people have been ruminating overnight about the matchups to come.

A couple of nice local derbies, with Dionysian v Dapiranha and Jip v Enderman.  Ceetee and Raging are on stream on Table 1, and there is a Goblin v Ogre clash on stream on Table 16.

Heff is facing Dwarves, which is always a pleasure, especially when it’s the bloodthirsty Andswin, leading on 10 casualties, which doesn’t include the 15 (!) fouling casualties and 2 crowd push casualties.

The sun is shining in Costa del Swindon, so we have 3 games outside, and everyone got here nice and early so the day should go smoothly, touch wood!

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