Round 5 Roundup

Full results here, now including a column showing “record”, as it’s not always clear with the bonus points.  What this shows is that with bonus points it’s definitely possible for an “inferior” record to place higher – we knew this anyway (of course, ahem…) but it’s interesting to see the effect (right) – highest is Heartsbane in 5th with two wins and a draw, ahead of a few players with three wins.  But not worth opening that debate about “WLD primacy” again, probably…

On the streams we have Table 1 Ceetee v Joemanji, and Table 5 Raging v Lunchmoney. Last round Andswin amassed another 5 casualties, pulling away on 15, so will be hunting down Lycos’s Skinks to consolidate the position.

Down the bottom, no-one is on 0 wins, so the hunt for the pretty spoon is on!  Glowworm is trailing on bonus points, so is in pole position, especially if he gets poleaxed by the Goblins – very capable of clearing Vampires off the pitch…

Meanwhile. the TD drought continues, after 4 games the TD leader is on 8, so if anyone gets a big score they could swoop in for this award.

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