Round 6 Roundup

Full details here, but in summary it is time for the bonus points controversy to fully emerge!  Going into round 6 Joemanji is on a 4/1/0 record and Heartsbane is on a 3/1/1 record, as the latter has maxed out a couple of times on bonus points.

Dionysian and Joe are on my stream on Table 1, and it’s Dan v Sfisher on his – here are the links.

The Best Newcomer and Most Touchdowns competitions are both hotly contested – PeteBunce and Enderman are playing each other, and if they draw then Morbo could zoom through and take the prize.  Ronaldbeanio is also in the chasing back.

Sadly for Duffins, his Goblin team has now managed to face all 3 of the Dwarf teams in the competition, but miracles might happen and he might avoid the spoon… maybe…

Most Casualties and Stunty are not close – Andswin destroyed some skinks in Game 5, and Lunchmoney is on 2/2/1.  Facing Mubo, but not in danger of being caught.

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