Season 14 Rules

Welcome to Season 14 – here’s everything you need to know!

There are two divisions, named after the redoubtable Swift Twins Lucian and Valen.  These were drawn randomly from the 18 coaches who signed up.  There are some beastly teams in there, but inducements are fun and everyone likes to see Morg take to the pitch!

As there will be a bye week, there shouldn’t be any problems getting those games played.  Unplayed games will be called on the following days (Sundays):

Round 1 24/02/19
Round 2 10/03/19
Round 3 24/03/19
Round 4 07/04/19
Round 5 21/04/19
Round 6 05/05/19
Round 7 19/05/19
Round 8 02/06/19
Round 9 16/06/19
  • Please play the games in order, unless you have a particularly good reason not to!
  • The scoring is 3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.  Tiebreakers are Net TDs then Net Cas, if I have understood the code correctly.
  • Friendlies can be played before Game 1, but not once the season is underway.
  • There will be playoffs at the end of the season, quarters, then semi-finals then a grand final.  So top 4 of each division make it into the play offs, while those not in the playoffs play some friendlies ready for Season 15!
  • Contact-wise, everyone is on Facebook except Onyersix, who has his details on the contact sheet (mobile, email and Twitter).  Linus and Alex are using my Wasabi Wanderers team, so contact them through me.
  • Inducements – everything from CRP and BB16 is allowed, except CRP cards instead of BB16 ones.  No surprises for your opponent though please, so if you’re planning something quirky let them know.
  • Spiralling Expenses as per CRP, no Expensive Mistakes.

I’m sure there’s some stuff I’ve forgotten, so just shout if any questions…

Mike (sann0638)

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