Cakebowl Rd1 Report

37 coaches (I played game 1) are locking horns this weekend in a bid to walk away with some cake!  We have 6 going for the new player award (3 U16 and 3 new NAF), a human team painted by HowlingGriffon last year, and 3 goblin teams fighting for the stunty cup – Duffins, Hobnail and Jip.

Round 1 saw Dementor kill a lot of rats and hold Hawca to a draw, two of the Goblin teams winning and a Bubba-off between Twelfman and Nightwing result in honours shared as many large people stared at each other.

Notable missing races include Dark Elves, Humans and Chaos (in the world cup year!).  Lizards always love cake, but there are only two Dwarf teams – and neither have uber-Guard spam!

Two players on max points after game 1 – well done Andswin for destroying Hobnail’s goblins and Gritter for taking down Thor.  I duck out at this point as Enderman joins the fray, meaning I can enjoy the day in a more relaxed way!

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