Cakebowl Rd 2 Roundup

Much Sannanigans in round 2, as Enderman snatches a draw with ceetee with an audacious sequence of rolls in T16 for an end to end touchdown, and Dementor catches the ball on a 6 for his second draw.  Those boys have been taught well!

The traditional spoon-off of Bron v Legolas took place earlier, and Bron zoomed up the table with max points and a 5-2 win.  Elfish!

Only 4 players now on 2 wins, after 2 games, because of a plethora of draws (obviously), so if anyone can keep it going they will be in a strong position after a few games.  4 different teams at the top – Undead, Lizard, Necro and Pro Elf – good variety!

Pick of round 3 is the stunty final taking place on table 10 as grizzled goblin veteran Duffins shows greenskinned noob Jip how to use this challenging team – or does he?

Much rage on the stream as Raging82 hosts Fisher on the bottom table, after the latter ran out of players in an unfortunate way in round 2.

Thanks to local painting wizard Spiky for judging the best painted after round 2 – results will be announced at the end!

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