Season 14 Playoffs!

So Season 14 has come down to 8, and very happily there are no need for tiebreakers as all the top teams finished on different points, happy days!

The playoffs are as follows:

Dreadfully Departed (Andswin, Necro) v Black Arc Buccanneers (Jip, Dark Elf)

Kunnin Stuntz (Orc, Reedar) v Khaine’s Vengeance (Kismet, Dark Elf)

Golden Lights (CPsyke, Elf) v Ratty Scumbags (Canteloup, Skaven)

Mathraticians (Necrork, Skaven) v Mutated Marauders (PBunce, Chaos)

You can link to all the teams here:

A reminder of the play off rules – all inducements allowed as normal, sudden death overtime (CRP rules).  Roll off again for the kick off, no additional rerolls.  At the end of turn 24, roll a d6 and add rerolls, highest wins the penalty shoot out!



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