Season 10 Semi-Final

Hairy Petes (Apes) v Warpstone Stars (Skaven)

On a day of strange weather, switching from nice, to pouring rain, to glorious sunshine, the Apes were distracted at the beginning by fiddling with technology, so when Nuffle gifted them a Perfect Defence to deal with the Pestilence one-turn threat, they were not switched on enough to take it, and were 1-0 down straight away, despite the Rat Ogre taking a 3+ dodge for a crowd surf. A Blitz followed, along with a deep kick, and a successful half-dice block made it 2-0. The Apes scored quickly back, then the rain started, causing the second one-turn attempt to fail, though the ball did bounce back to the GR attempting the hand off.


After a little bit of messing, the rats did get the ball over the line for the 3-1, and then out came the sun (there was probably a rainbow), and the Apes had enough time to make it 3-2 after a frenzied (literally in some cases) first half.

The Apes received in the second half, both the ball, and unfortunately a hell of a beating, as they failed to break armour on 4 knocked down linerats, and then their armour collapsed. A couple of good turns followed, however, and they limped over the line in turn 15, with the rats on no rerolls. The rat dice held, and they made it 4-3 (all 4 TDs by Pestilence). All over? Possibly not. A Quick Snap and Grab made getting the pushes for the one-turner straightforward, but the throw and catch proved beyond the simian hands (and the 4+, 4+, 3+ dodge would have been challenging).

The rats make it to the final, with their insane number of SPPs. Those betting against them had better hope Pestilence develops a nasty cough!

3 thoughts on “Season 10 Semi-Final”

  1. Thanks for a tight game. Let me hope I didn’t use all my luck this time and saved some for the finals. Glow or Spiky either way it’ll be a HARD HARD Game.

  2. Nice. One. Antione, good luck in the final. Sounds like the apes put up a good fight but a one turn touchdown gutter runner is beauty in motion. love the Skaven! Oh yeah.

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