Season 11 Opening Thoughts

As of this point, this is that we have:

Coach Race Team TV
Bron Vamps  Altdorf BlueBloods 1100
Canteloup Skaven Ratty Scumbags 1720
Cpsyke Khemri Ra’s Raiders 1510
CrazyGinge Brets Brionne Broncos 1330
Glowworm Chaos Dwarf Molten Fury 1570
Jip Dwarf Karak Cegharuhm Royals 1200
Kismet Orc Bash Me Up Buttercups 1100
Outcast Khemri Kings of Curry 1100
Raging82 Orc Da ironhide cowboyz 1470
Sann Elf Flaming Galahs 1200
Shortarse Vampire Nightsisters 1130
Spiky Dark Elf  Crimson Arrows 1770
WiltsMatt Dwarf Azul Avengers 1100
AndySwin Halflings Mootly Munchers 1100

We are going to have a two-week fixed round robin schedule, with games forfeited at specific times, or finalised as draws.  This is to keep the schedule going, as we all just want to play BB, and the way to win the season is to make yourself available to play as well as to win!

So there are a few options:

  1. All in one league – this would take 22 weeks, which would be quite huge, but that’s not necessarily a problem if we keep ticking over.
  2. Two leagues (10-12 weeks each), but meaning not everyone plays everyone, and we are a friendly bunch!

Within option 2, we could do it by TV, but I think that would put all the experienced coaches together, which isn’t great for the future of the league I don’t think!

So, unless anyone massively objects, I think we’ll go for the big league!

3 thoughts on “Season 11 Opening Thoughts”

  1. I’m up for the big league idea purely for the social side of it. With a strict schedule it should tick along nicely!

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