The CakeBowl tournaments are 2 day NAF ranked tournaments, previously organised by Hudson, and now by Sann0638.  They have 6 skills per day, and as such are one of the most skilled tournaments around!  CakeBowl 9 will be June 8th – 9th 2019.


The one-day tournament previously called Crumb-Bowl, SAWBBowl,is a 1 day tournament organised by Glowworm and held in north Wiltshire (previously Sutton Benger, recently Malmesbury). It has a capacity of around 50 coaches and, whilst being a competitive, NAF-ranked tournament, is aimed at introducing new coaches to the tournament world.  It is the largest pure one-day tournament in the world, too!

Coffee Cup

Back in 2019 after its glorious debut, Coffee Cup is the South’s only 24 hour BB tournament – 11 games overnight, organised by Jip and hosted by Canteloup!