Rules for Season 13!  The teams have been put into three divisions of 6 teams each based on TV (waiting for Mike B to confirm team).  Each team will play each other team in the division, which will make the first half of the season, and then the second half of the season will be Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The top two in each division will go into Gold, Silver and Bronze, then there will be another round robin to decide final standings.  This replaces the knockout that we’ve had for the last few seasons – bit of an experiment, let’s see how it goes!

Round Closing Date
1 05/08/2018
2 19/08/2018
3 02/09/2018
4 16/09/2018
5 30/09/2018
1 14/10/2018
2 28/10/2018
3 11/11/2018
4 25/11/2018
5 09/12/2018
  • Fixed Schedule round-robin league – schedule found on OBBLM.  Please don’t play out of schedule, unless you have been given special dispensation.
  • Links to Divisions: Yakko, Wakko and Dot.  Mike B to be added to Dot.
  • You have a two-week window to play each game.  On this day the match will be awarded to the coach who made the most effort to play, or a draw if that seems suitable.  Matches to be played by the following dates at the latest – earlier is better!  If any game is not played in time it will be awarded a 1-0 win to the coach who had more availability, or a 0-0 draw if this is not obvious.  If a win is awarded, the winner gets two random MVPS and MNGs will be healed.
  • Tie breaker is net TD then net Cas.  This obviously gives a benefit to high scoring teams, so the bash teams will just have to destroy them…
  • We will use the Competition Rules Pack (CRP) for this season, with the adjustments as below.  Remember Spiralling Expenses towards the end!
  • Changes to CRP:
    • Choose 6 players at the end and roll a d6 for the MVP
    • Temporary Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders can be bought for 20k as inducements
    • DZ1 and DZ2 stars are allowed in addition to CRP stars, along with the new positionals for those teams that have them
    • New inducements will be allowed.  The CRP wizard is also allowed, though you are only allowed one wizard – either CRP, drunk or toad!  If you’re planning anything wacky regarding inducements, please check with the commissioner well in advance.

Here are the teams and coaches – everyone on Facebook, so contact away!